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Full Displacement

Installation of foundation requires a high degree of organization of work and increased attention to monitoring the quality of its performance. The drive operation and control of pile installation is very difficult. Pile installation requires a clear choice of core and support mechanisms to ensure the safe work and the organization of continuous monitoring of the quality.

One of the support mechanisms to control the pile installation is DLS.

DLS installed on the piling or drilling rig records and analyses data of each installed pile. The recorded data is used as additional information to the daily piling journal.

Advantages of using DLS:

•   Quality control and analyses of each installed pil (for the example, the depth of the pile).

•   Continuous monitoring of the pile installation (the possibility to add notes during the installation).

•   Confirmation that the pile is on solid soil layers.

•   Easy data transfer of installed pile measurements directly to the office.

•   Pile quality control and testing results comparison.

•   The systematic data accumulation and analyses for future projects in the same construction area.

•   Easy to use: both on the construction side and in the office.

DLS folder.